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TOYP / JCI: Steve HODA distinguished young Benin the most outstanding in Business and Economy in 2017

14 Juin 2017, 03:44am

Publié par HODA Kouakou Steve

The TOYP 2017 Trophies of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) have had their epilogue on Thursday, June 1, 2017 in Blue Zone in the presence of the world president of the Dawn Hetzel institution. Eight young Beninese were distinguished in eight categories. Steve HODA, Director of Mini Rizerie de Kérou and Specialist in Economic Issues at "Le Soleil Bénin Infos" was distinguished as a young Benin the most outstanding in 2017 in the category "Business and Economy".
The Benin Junior Chamber International (JCI) distinguished on Thursday 1 June 2017 the eight youngest Beninese most outstanding in 2017. The TOYP ceremony which was at its 7th edition was held at the Blue Zone of Cotonou in the presence of the president American Dawn Hetzel who made the trip to Cotonou for the occasion. In the "Business and Economy" category, HODA Kouakou Steve, Director of the Mini Rizerie in Kerou, CEO of the Startup Afririce Agribusiness and Specialist in Economic Issues at the newspaper "Le Soleil Bénin Infos". He was rewarded for his contribution to the development of the rice sector in the commune of Kérou and also to the sustainable development of Benin. Effect, as Director of Mini Rizerie, Steve HODA has contributed to improving the quality of rice on the local market by introducing a harvester and a thresher to mechanize the harvesting and threshing operations for profit Of producers. A steaming workshop and warrantage were built to help the steaming women and producers of this commune. The steaming women benefit from the husking of their paddy. At the end of 2016, it will organize a rice fair to strengthen the links between the various players in the sector. In 2017, he created the Startup Afririce Agribusiness specialized in the development of technologies for the production, processing and marketing of agri-food products. The design of threshing machines and economical fireplaces operating with rice bales as fuel will make it one of the 50 best business ideas by UAC Starup Valley (Abomey-Calavi University Foundation ) In January 2017. He will then be selected by the Tony Elumelu Foundation of Nigeria among the 1000 best business ideas in Africa. From 15 to 19 May 2017, FAO is participating in an international meeting organized by IFDC in Accra as the only Francophone Startup for this event. It should also be noted that Steve HODA is the Coordinator in Benin of the International Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (AIODD-Benin). As such, it will participate in the process of prioritizing ODD targets and linking them to the Government Action Program (PAG); He will be Rapporteur of the "Economy" thematic group. He is also the chairman of the Steering Committee for the Implementation of the Atacora-Donga Rice Transformer Cooperative. Ranked among the top eight young people in Benin in 2017, he is now JCI Ambassadors and will have to defend the image of Benin at the TOYP World 2017 in November.
The other winners
Ex Ambassador of Benin in Turkey, Moise Kerekou was awarded the Political or Government Affairs category for his contributions and actions in the world of diplomacy. In the Progress or Personal Achievement category, the trophy returned to John Dari for his many innovations that earned him various awards worldwide. Henri Totin has been awarded the Moral Leadership or Environmental Award. Indeed, man has been fighting for the eradication of chemical inputs in agriculture through the manufacture of water hyacinth compost. In the Youth Engagement in Benin and Africa category, Nandjim Tchalla won the trophy. Recently elected as Commissioner of Political Affairs of the AU Commission for Youth, this young Beninese is remarkable in the humanitarian and voluntary service. Pharmacist and designer of the platform "Dis moi doc", Arel Zannou pulls the price of medical innovation. José Ahoyogbé was awarded in the category "Contribution for Children, World Peace and / or Human Rights. This is for his contribution of the unfavorable layers through his "Happyness club". Finally, Delano Hountin Kiki promoter of the "kingdom of virgins" and initiator of the "virgin trophies" was distinguished in the category "Education" precisely girls

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